​​​​Kamuning, Quezon City Flash Flood

On August 6, heavy rain caused a flash flood at Kamuning, Quezon City. Some houses were swept and at least 500 families were affected by flooding. We are appealing for cash or in-kind donations to assist these families who are already struggling to face each day with dignity while in the midst of a pandemic.

How can you help?
-A donation of P500 can feed one family per day. Our team in Kamuning will prepare hot meals to bring to the families
-PRAY for all families affected that they will have strength and hope at this time

Our heartfelt thanks to all who donated for the flood victims of Kamuning Quezon City. So far through your generous donations, we were able to serve a total of 650 hot meals from August 12, 18, and 22.

​On September 1, we also gave food packs with 3 kilos of rice, a loaf of ham, and longanisa to families whose houses were washed out by the flood. They also received the clothes you donated.

As of the moment, the flood victims are still staying in tents awaiting government plans to relocate them. Until then, we are hoping to continue helping these families live decently by providing life-saving meals for the children and their parents.