1. Sitio Dumpsite, Antipolo City
Number of kids: 30
Coordinator: Ptr. Mike Gallo

2. Pasig City
Number of kids: 30
Coordinator: Ptr. Jun Collis

3. YWAM Tacloban, Tacloban
Number of kids: 30
Coordinator: Wheng Abarabar

4. Brgy. Manat, Trento, Agusan Del Sur
Number of kids: 30
​Coordinator: Ptr. Eric Rabe

Outreach Feeding Program 
The outreach program
runs once a week and is aimed at providing supplementary meals to children with the following conditions:

•Survivors of natural or man-made disasters and calamities
•Children living in the streets or in a poor community
•Abandoned, neglected, orphaned or abused children living in the care of an orphanage or temporary care.

1. Sta. Lucia, Antipolo City
Number of kids: 30
Coordinator: Xenia Diez

Types of Program We Run



Reach Out and Feed Philippines Inc. is envisioned to be a part of the solution to the national crisis of malnutrition in the Philippines. Our work focuses in organizing, feeding, and nourishment programs in public schools and the poorest of poor communities in the country. 

Below is an infographic showing how
we accomplish our mission to Feed, Nourish & Empower!

Our Current Feeding Locations

Summer Meals for Kids 
The two-month school break in the Philippines is a crucial time to sustain the feeding activities for the beneficiaries because these are the days where government funded school-based feeding program also stops.

​During summer, kids belonging to poor families are at risk of child-labor, with their parents counting on them to
help in earning money. The "Summer Meals for Kids" program aims to sustain the provision of daily, hot, and nutritious meals to all beneficiaries, and provide them with a daily venue to be just "kids" - be nourished, play, socialize, interact and learn from volunteer teachers
​​"Baon" is a Filipino word for packed meals prepared by parents for their kids going to school. Sadly, 1 out of 3 kids in the Philippines don't get the food they need every day. Since learning depends on good nutrition, these kids may never reach the same potential for learning as well-nourished kids. #ProjectBaon will ensure the daily provision of a healthy "baon".

We work with schools and poor communities in the Philippines. The children we serve belongs to families with an income of less than P200 or $4/day. We screen and identify malnourished children and provide supplementary school meals - a packed lunch with fortified rice, meat, vegetables and fruits, designed especially to meet their nutritional needs.

​​90, 581

Reach out Feed Philippines started in 2013 and since then we have: 


This was last updated on: July 2019


Some Statistics

Updated on: July 2019

*The data above are from both outreach & full time feeding stations and are unofficial. Data from our first year is not included.




What we Serve