Childhood hunger is a big problem with a simple solution, and we can all take part in solving it! 

#PROJECTBAON, the beneficiaries will be provided with their daily “BAON”- A packed lunch or snack consisting of a balance & nutritious meal with fortified rice, meat, fruits, vegetables, supplements and drinks! 

Our vision is to feed and nourish kids belonging to poor communities, initially in these locations :

  • Sitio Mapayapa Barangay Dolores Taytay Rizal 
  • Sitio Pines Ville Taytay, Rizal
  • Sitio Hapay na Mangga Barangay Dolores Taytay, Rizal
  • Kalikuan Floodway Taytay, Rizal
  • Barangay Dolores Annex Taytay, Rizal
  • Arenda Taytay, Rizal 
  • Antipolo Hills, Antipolo City 
  • Parugan Barangay San Jose, Antipolo City
  • Tanag Antipolo City 
  • Pinugay Baras Rizal
  • Aeta Village, Brgy. San Miguel, San Antonio Zambales
  • San Carlos City, Pangasinan ​
  • Tacloban City, Leyte
  • Palonpom Leyte

The  long term impact? -Well Nourished Kids Do Better in School! The extra demands on school-age children (to perform chores, for example, or walk long distances to school) create a need for energy that is much greater than that of younger children.  Children who lack certain nutrients in their diet, or who suffer from protein-energy malnutrition, hunger, parasitic infections or other diseases, do not have the same potential for learning as healthy and well-nourished children.** 

With the intervention of #PROJECTBAON, together we can break the cycle of malnutrition in the lives of these children.  The Feed Philippines team will ensure the daily and  consistent provision of healthy “baon”, that these kids can bring and enjoy at school. 


  1. While a few argue that feeding programs are a ‘band-aid solution’ or are taking over the responsibilities of parents, feeding programs are an important part of the solution for hungry kids today. Blaming people doesn’t feed kids, and there is a generation of children whose hungry stomachs can’t wait for legislation and larger initiatives to fill their tummies. Without our help, their development will be stunted. Moreover, society as a whole will suffer from their lack of ability to participate fully in their communities." - Childrens Charity Network, Australia

  1. 1 out of 3kids in the Philippines doesn't get the food they need every day.
  2. The consequences of hunger on kids include growth stunting, anemia, decreased learning capacity and a weakened immune system. Education & learning depends on good nutrition and health, hungry kids may never reach the same potential for learning as healthy and well-nourished children.**

With your support, we can ensure a generation of healthy and nourished children in the Philippines! There are various ways to help:

  • Give a monthly donation of ₱500 or $12 to provide the daily baon/school meal of a child for 1 month 
  • Give a cash donation of ANY AMOUNT
  • Give in-kind donations. We are in need of the following supplies: Rice, Fresh Fruits & Vegetables, Milk, Vitamins for kids ages 4-10 years old

Donations are accepted through bank deposit, credit card or PayPal. 

Click HERE for in-kind donations

Together we can FEED, NOURISH and EMPOWER!



***School Feeding Programs: Improving effectiveness and increasing the benefit to education. A Guide for Program Managers
The Partnership for Child Development Joy Miller Del Rosso, Consultant June 1999

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