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Food security for children remains to be the main mission of ROFP. Hunger and Malnutrition will have both short and long-term effects on the physical and mental well-being of a child. By providing consistent access to nutritious meals, we can intervene in the lives of these children at this time of crisis when they are most vulnerable to experience hunger. This Food Relief will also support the whole household while they are still recovering from the loss of their homes and livelihood.


Over 400,000 families or an estimated 1.7million people, mostly from the National Capital Region, Bicol and CALABARZON were affected by Typhoon Rolly and Typhoon Ulysses, some facing long-term displacement due to the destruction of their homes. Families are left without access to even the basic needs, more so to nutritious meals. Most vulnerable are the children who are at risk of facing hunger and malnutrition at this time of crisis.

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Typhoon Food Relief

In less than 2 weeks after Super Typhoon Goni (Rolly) made landfall in the Philippines, another Category 2 Typhoon -Typhoon Vamco (Ulysses) struck the island of Luzon last Nov 11, 2020. Barely recovering from the first typhoon and with the threat of COVID-19 still remaining, families in poor communities are at risk of facing hunger daily. Flooding has left many without homes and access to food. This project will provide Food Relief to assist thousands of families during this time of crisis.

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ROFP with partners on the ground in NCR, Bicol Region & Rizal will provide nutritious meals with rice/grains, protein source, vegetables, and clean drinking water to a target of 1,000 displaced families- those who are still in evacuation centers, and those who returned to their homes but are still in the process of cleaning and rebuilding. This will be a consistent Food Relief that will support the health of Children and their Families on their road to recovery.